Password Protected Content

A quick disclaimer on protected content


Some posts are password protected due to the ToS on some hacking platforms. HackTheBox for example do not allow for active machines to have public writeups until they have retired.

Passwords have been set on all active contents on that platform, if you’d like to access them please use the root hash found in /etc/shadow or the administrator’s NTLM hash as the password. In some cases, flags are used such as the hackthebox challenge content. If the password does not work, please feel free to send a message via the contact page with your current hash so I may check this. Emails asking for the password/asking for the writeup will be ignored.


If you’re stuck on a box and need help, feel free to drop me an email on or use the contact page, please bare in mind that this website is only managed by one user and my mailbox is not always monitored. You may also reach out to members of the community via their respective discord servers. A few examples are:

These platforms are meant for learning, if a platform such as hackthebox is too difficult, look to use something like tryhackme which has much more beginner friendly content and a lot of publicly available walkthroughs. I do have writeups on a lot of newer content from the platform that isn’t password protected as their ToS does not forbid this.


There also have been attempts to access this content via means of bruteforcing or other authentication based attacks. Attempts of this will result in a ban from the website, temporary time outs are put in place however repeated attempts will get your IP blacklisted